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Special offers:
Great opportunities for outsourcing of software, information technology (IT) development to Ukraine

Current Commodity Prices and Forecasts in Ukraine:

Forecasts and Current Commodity Prices in Ukraine for steel and metal products, pipes, iron ores, scrap, nitrogen and mineral fertilizers (urea, ammonia), cement, grains (wheat, sunflower, corn, maize), sugar, meat, milk powder, wood

The latest commodity trade analysis:

Buying, exporting grains & cereals (wheat, barley, corn) from Ukraine

Buying, exporting oilseeds (sunflower seed & oil, rapeseed) from Ukraine

Buying and Exporting Soy Beans, Soybean Meal and Soybean Oil from Ukraine

Buying steel, metal, iron from Ukraine (Main data and trends)

Brief overview of steel market in Ukraine

Import, export of steel from/to Ukraine 2011-2012

Buying (selling) iron ore raw materials (IORM) from/to Ukraine

Buying (selling) coal from/to Ukraine

Buying pipes from Ukraine (Market overview)

Selling steel, metals, iron by Ukraine (Forecasts and statistics)

Buying urea from Ukraine (Debunking the myths)

Buying Ukrainian mineral and nitrogen fertilizers (Latest trends)

Buying cement from Ukraine (Debunking the myths)

Buying wood, lumber, timber from Ukraine (Avoiding widespread pitfalls)

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment in Ukraine (Market overview)

The latest customs analysis:

10 recommendations to find qualified customs brokers (professional customs brokerage services) in Ukraine?

Customs accreditation in Ukraine, registration with customs office in Ukraine

Customs clearance in Ukraine

Customs control in Ukraine

Customs clearance documents in Ukraine

Recommendations for faster customs clearance of goods or vehicles in Ukraine

Customs classification (coding) of the goods in Ukraine

Determining customs value of imported goods in Ukraine

Country of origin determination in Ukraine

Toll manufacturing, Raw materials processing in Ukraine

Customs Clearance of Foreign Investments in Ukraine

Import, export, customs clearance of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal in Ukraine

Customs clearance of import and export of wood, timber, lumber in Ukraine

Import, export, customs clearance of spirit in Ukraine

Import, export, taxation, customs clearance of humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Import, export, transit of cultural values to/from Ukraine

How to stop counterfeit merchandise on Ukrainian border?

Certification of imported goods in Ukraine

Veterinary control in Ukraine, Compliance with Non-tariff Regulations

Phytosanitary control in Ukraine, Compliance with Non-tariff Regulations

The latest legal analysis:

Establishing company in Ukraine

Registering LLC in Ukraine, Opening limited liability company in Ukraine

Opening representative office in Ukraine

Register representative office, establish permanent establishment or open LLC in Ukraine?

Foreign investment in Ukraine

International Commercial Arbitration in Ukraine

State registration of foreign investment in Ukraine

All about Ukrainian economy and exports (Key data, trends)

Ukrainian foreign economic, business, investment and commercial regime

Ukraine and WTO (Key undertakings, statistics)

Why 100% advance payment is safe in Ukraine?

Complying with Ukrainian foreign currency controls

Anti-dumping investigations in Ukraine, Dumped imports in Ukraine

Safeguard investigations and measures in Ukraine against surge imports

Buying, acquiring, purchasing land plots in Ukraine, land tax in Ukraine

Obtaining work permits for foreigners in Ukraine, Employment of foreigners in Ukraine

Obtaining Permit for Concentration of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for Merger & Acquisition

Franchise (Commercial Concession) Agreements in Ukraine

Intermediary transactions in foreign trade activity in Ukraine

Obtaining loans, credits outside Ukraine, foreign loan, credit registration in Ukraine

All about taxation in Ukraine - Corporate profit tax in Ukraine

All about taxation in Ukraine - Value Added Tax in Ukraine

All about taxation in Ukraine - Customs Duties in Ukraine

All about taxation in Ukraine – Excise tax in Ukraine

Obtaining licenses and quotas in Ukraine, licensing and quota allocation in Ukraine

Obtaining Licenses, permits in Ukraine

Registration of contracts in Ukraine

Carriage and Forwarding services in Ukraine

Financial leasing market in Ukraine (Market study)

Leasing in Ukraine, Rent in Ukraine

Opening bank accounts in Ukraine



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